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Mission Statement:

Produce products that are designed to meet exacting standards for the more discerning client, in the eco-friendliest manner in both production and application. Where possible the product range intends to offer a minimum of 10 years guarantee subject to correct application, if correctly applied under good supervision at the required dry film thickness on well prepared substrates the coatings are designed to last more than 15 years. Paint that endures the harshest conditions. At all times deal with our clients and suppliers, with honesty and integrity, with a view to long term relationships, beneficial to all.

Who we are and what we do:

Primarily the company started out as contractors, examples of our successfully project are available on our web site.
It very quickly became apparent that we need to manufacture our own products thus, the coatings division quality and specific types of coatings were not available from the normal paint manufacturers, resulting in development of heat resistant coatings and sealers, for roofs and furnaces, floor coatings, waterproofing compounds and many more.

All these products have been extensively tested and applied with exceptional results. JH Viljoen and DI Sutherland manage the company

JH Viljoen concentrating on the contracting division and DI Sutherland coatings division. Building in its entirety, this includes earth works, foundations, brick and steel structures, wall cladding and roof cladding, electrical installation (including the COC), painting and sealing, floor grinding and coating.

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